Leaf Thermocouples

Leaf Thermocouples

Leaf Thermocouple Characteristics:

  • Thermocouple Types K, T, J or N available, grounded junction
  • Stainless Steel Leaf Dimensions: 15 mm x 25 mm
  • PVC, PTFE or Glass fibre stainless steel braid leads.
  • Operating range from -30°C to + 400°C (dependant on leads)

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Product Ref: LTC
Category: General Purpose Thermocouples

The sensor has a fast response thermocouple mounted on a stainless steel shim which allows it to be soldered, welded or placed under banding on a variety of applications including nozzle or band heaters.

The thermocouple can be supplied with either plain tails or miniature plug termination.