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Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

These sensors are used in a variety of processes including marine, petrol chemical & power stations as their many characteristics make them a good choice for general and special purpose use, their ruggedness and high temperature characteristics make them a popular choice for a multitude of temperature measuring applications.

Maximum operating temperatures up to 1200 degrees C.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
Mineral Insulated RTDs

Like thermocouples, these particular RTD’s are used in a variety of processes but are preferred when accuracy of output is important as they are less sensitive to temperature changes than thermocouples.

Mineral Insulated RTDs
Bayonet Thermocouple

Suitable for plastics machinery and general purpose applications, these assemblies are supplied complete with a spring and adjustable bayonet cap fitting for easy site fitting. The sensing tip is incorporated within a stainless steel tube then they are sealed into stainless steel braided leads.

General Purpose Thermocouples
Leaf Thermocouple

The sensor has a fast response thermocouple mounted on a stainless steel shim which allows it to be soldered, welded or placed under banding on a variety of applications including nozzle or band heaters. The thermocouple can be supplied with either plain tails or a miniature plug termination.

General Purpose Thermocouples
Washer Thermocouple

This range of thermocouples are ideal for surface monitoring of many different applications including pipes, vessels and platens up to a maximum operating temperature of 400°C.

General Purpose Thermocouples
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