General Purpose RTDs

ITH manufacture from raw material a range of general purpose RTDs in either standard or custom designed form. These extremely popular temperature sensors are provided with a choice of PVC, PTFE or Glass Fibre insulated stainless steel braid leads.

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Bayonet RTD

Suitable for plastics machinery and general purpose applications, these assemblies are supplied complete with a spring and adjustable bayonet cap fitting for easy site fitting. The sensing tip is incorporated within a stainless steel tube which the stainless steel braided leads are sealed into.

General Purpose RTDs
Adjustable Ring RTD

The RTD is used for measuring pipe temperatures up to 400°C. These sensors are available in a number of sizes to suit the pipe diameter. This range of sensors make direct contact with the pipe for maximum performance.

General Purpose RTDs
Nozzle RTD

Suitable for plastics machinery and general purpose applications and have been designed to screw directly into the application. The nipple allows the nozzle to rotate, so the wires do not twist when threading in and tightening the nozzle. They are available in several bolt sizes and are made from stainless steel.

General Purpose RTDs




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